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All You Need To Know About Our Wagyu

Wagyu beef is an integral part of the culinary experience at Samurai Teppanayki. Sourced from various regions in Japan and Australia, our Wagyu selections offer a unique taste of premium beef, each with its own distinct flavor and texture. This exquisite dining adventure is characterized by the marbling of beef, which renders a succulent and unparalleled taste.


At Samurai, we are proud to offer an array of premium Wagyu beef, including the globally revered Kobe Beef, the decadent Mayura Station Chocolate Wagyu, the distinctive Matsusaka Wagyu, the exceptional Ozaki Wagyu, the delectable Takamori Wagyu, the celebrated Miyazaki Wagyu, and the historic Omi Beef. Each variety promises a unique culinary journey, echoing the heritage, feeding practices, and quality standards of their respective regions.

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Kobe Beef Wagyu Samurai Teppanyaki
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