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Samurai Teppanyaki's Private Dining:

A Luxurious Culinary Experience

  • Indulge in Elegance: Dive into the opulence of private dining with Samurai Teppanyaki House. Our service offers an unparalleled blend of intimacy and sophistication. Each room, a haven of comfort and elegance, sets the perfect backdrop for our masterful teppanyaki cuisine. Indulge in dishes crafted from premium ingredients like Kobe beef and top-tier seafood, turning each meal into an enthralling culinary show.


  • Enhance with Fine Wines: Complement your teppanyaki feast with our exclusive selection of premium wines and sake, carefully chosen to elevate your dining pleasure.


  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Ideal for business meetings, family get-togethers, or special celebrations, our private dining ensures a memorable and exclusive experience tailored to your needs.


Booking Your Private Dining Journey

Step 1 - Booking Request: Begin by filling out our booking form here. Please specify your desired date, time, and guest count.


Step 2 - Personalized Consultation: Our team will contact you for a detailed discussion about your event specifics, including time, date, guest number, and any special dietary needs or requests for a kids' menu.


Step 3 - Menu Customization: During our consultation, we'll tailor the menu to your preferences, ensuring all dietary requirements and kid-friendly options are considered.


Step 4 - Securing Your Reservation: A deposit of 15% of minimum spending is required to confirm your booking.


Step 5 - Experience the Magic: On the day of your event, simply arrive at the appointed time and let us transport you to a world of exquisite dining.

Samurai private room photo
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